New Project: Eco Human Experiment

In August 2022 I started to work on a new environmental art project, which I would like deepen, broaden, finalize and share. Share as book, movie and installation. 

The first conscious part of the project is the element of Water. I would like to elaborate on the water story and expand it to cover other classical elements (fire, earth, air).

My motivation for the experiment: Examining the elements and forces in the nature including the relationship with human element. Encouraging humans to play with the elements. Paying subtle attention to processes within the nature and map human intervention. Supporting mindfulness and respect.

Process of the experiment: I ask people to walk in the forest and then swim or play in the water. The experiment in the water takes about 10-15 minutes, is held in a river dam in the mountains (Černá Nisa and Lipno) and I take pictures and notes of the conversations before and after the experiment.






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