Recent Project] Essay: Metamorphosis

This project is an homage to water, earth and air, celebrating the profound relationship between humanity and these essential elements with  a desire for clean environment. I am exploring symbolism of themes of freedom, connection with nature, and a sense of liberation. 

Recent Project] Essay: A Day at the Urban Coast

People love sun and warm water and sand and space which is offered by the maritime views. Dwelling at the coast. One day in Napoli. 

A study of how human enjoys free time.

Recent Project] Essay: Urban Forest, Human Dens

A continuing project inspired by the silent dialog in the places we live, dwell and work. I am attracted by the light at the windows. Seeking for secrets or just for the inspiration of how to spend the private time at home, at the office, at secluded space.

Recent Project] Essay: Manifest of Playfulness

A continuing project inspired by all playful impulses to keep inner motivation and spread this to others.

Recent Project] Essay: Moravian Parade 

Inspired by Americans Parade, a book by George Georgiu.

Recent Project] Essay: invaded space

I deal with the concept of invasion very strongly emotionally. The invaded space series is an attempt to visualize this strong feeling and to deal with that feeling. It brings both tears and anger. How to deal with an invader?  How to process it? Find a way out? Run away? Move away? What an individual can do. How can one defend against an invasion. The bird flies away. The fish swims away.

A piece of infinity. 

A piece of whole.

Poetic nothing.

Look up - and flies can fly suddenly. But what if that space is invaded?

Velmi silně emocionálně řeším invazi. Série invaded space je pokusem o vizualizaci tohoto silného pocitu. Přivádí k slzám i vzteku. Jak ho zpracovat? Najít východisko? Jak se vypořádat s agresorem? Utéct? Co může jednotlivec. Jak se může bránit invazi. Pták uletí. Ryba upluje.

Recent Project] Meanwhile: Flashbacks

Train is an ideal occasion for wondering, staring out, daydreaming. Just that. Observing the fields, villages, roads. The images are flashing, then fall behind, disappear. Seeing them for a splinter of second and leaving them behind. Not thinking. Not judging. Letting go.

I try to enjoy every detail I am able to capture. Shape of the trees, sudden appearance of a water surface, solitary objects of all kinds in the landscape. Tranquil countryside transitioning into busy suburbs and even busier city centres with all encompassing mayhem.Train passes. The journey is serving me the images at the speed of the train engine. Visual fast food.  

When on a train, I have a clear destination. Even if the destination station has not been chosen, there is always a next train station which can serve as one. This provides me with an option to get off or to just stay seated and keep going until we reach the final station. A sort of relief if you feel you are having a life without a destiny. A life purpose finally!

Meanwhile, as my train journey continues, I notice that the windows reflect images from the other side as if it were a port into another dimension. A parallel space extends outside the train. I observe it. But then my mind wanders into memories and flashbacks. And even more parallel spaces into expanded consciousness. My body is my temple of liquid infinity. Flashbacks. This time & place. Everywhere.

In that moment I recall Timothy Leary. When I was a freshwoman at the university I came across his teachings. I was attracted by his writings on expanded consciousness. It was a new stream of ideas for me as Czechoslovakian doors recently opened. As a student of art therapy I wanted so badly to expand my consciousness! ASAP! Fortunately for me I was not able to get LSD or other types of hallucinogenic substances where outside of my reach. After some time I opened myself to deepen my mind through zen meditation and  kundalini yoga practice and various breathing techniques. Fortunately I could work on the same goal of finding my personal purpose, my spiritual quest, similar to Mr. Leary’s, but just through physical exercise, breath work and accompanying lifestyle of practicing modesty and gratitude. 

Somehow, on this train, all my gurus came to visit me in the flashbacks. Timothy Leary, Yogi Bhajan, Osho, Krishnamurti, Archangel Michael, Guru Rattana.

Thanks for inspiration, Timothy.

Just breath. Persevere.

Recent Project] Becva: About Fish, Chapter One

On 20/09/2020, fishermen on the river Bečva witnessed massive amounts of fish dying before their eyes. The water was poisoned by a chemical leak from the factory. They had to dispose of 40 tons of fish that leapt onto the riverbank. Cyanide was found in the dead fish. Water samples were not collected by the responsive authorities, and those taken by fishermen were destroyed. The River was poisoned along a length of 40km. It is lifeless. Before, the river was treasured for its natural habitat. There are only two factories near where the fish started dying. One of them belongs to an influential politician and oligarch who was prime minister at the time of the accident. Numerous questions have been raised regarding the approach of police, prosecution and ministry of environment. To this day, it hasn’t been possible to bring the party responsible for the accident to justice.

These photos are intended to metaphorically intermediate the apocalypse from that day.

Recent Project] Eco Human Experiment

In August 2022 I started to work on a new environmental art project, which I would like deepen, broaden, finalize and share. Share as book, movie and installation. 

The first conscious part of the project is the element of Water. I would like to elaborate on the water story and expand it to cover other classical elements (fire, earth, air).

My motivation for the experiment: Examining the elements and forces in the nature including the relationship with human element. Encouraging humans to play with the elements. Paying subtle attention to processes within the nature and map human intervention. Supporting mindfulness and respect.

Process of the experiment: I ask people to walk in the forest and then swim or play in the water. The experiment in the water takes about 10-15 minutes, is held in a river dam in the mountains (Černá Nisa and Lipno) and I take pictures and notes of the conversations before and after the experiment.






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